Where to Park in Key West


Parking in Key West - Overseas Highway

Photo by Pom’, courtesy of Flickr


Parking in Key West can be a challenge.

Old Town Manor & Rose Lane Villas guests will have the opportunity to reserve parking in advance of their stay. Our Key West hotels are within a short walk to most visitor attractions, so having your vehicle nearby is not usually necessary. Exploring the streets of Key West is half the fun!

Guests of Old Town Manor may park at the Old Town Parking Garage at the discounted rate of $15 per night. Upon arrival to Old Town Manor, guests may utilize the free 30-minute space on Eaton Street in front of the hotel, and park their vehicle in the garage once their vehicle has been unloaded.

Guests of Rose Lane Villas are offered one parking space per villa on-site for $20 per night.


Here are some other options for parking your vehicle in Key West.


Old Town Parking Garage

300 Grinnell Street

Located next to the Historic Seaport, this place is just 4 blocks away from Duval Street. This garage is city owned and operated, and a space here will cost you $32 per day.

As a guest of Old Town Manor, you’ll have access to park at this garage for just $15 per day (over a 50% discount).

From the garage, walk the 10 minute route through Old Town to Duval Street, or catch the Duval Loop Bus that run every 20-30 minutes. Click here for more information, including a real-time schedule. 


Key West Post Office

400 Whitehead Street

Spaces in the Post Office’s parking lot are rented for $30 per day. The location cannot be beat – just one block from Duval St. and three blocks from Mallory Square. 


Privately Owned Lots

You’ll find many privately owned parking lots in Old Town Key West. Both of these are centrally located off of Duval Street and most of the major attractions.

At 624 Whitehead Street, you’ll call the phone number listed on the sign (305-292 2246), to leave your vehicle information. The cost is $20 per day until 10 am the next morning.

At 240 Simonton Street, the price ranges from $20 – $40 per day depending on demand. Departure time for overnight parking is 9:00 am.


Where to park in Key West

Photo by Nomadic Lana, courtesy of Flickr


Street Parking

Street parking in Key West is available all over the island, and pay-to-park spaces are located from Simonton to Whitehead. Use the black parking box near the street with your credit card. The cost is $4 per hour from 8am to midnight and you can program up to 10 hours in advance.


Residential Area

North of Elizabeth Street, between Eaton and Southard

On a very lucky day, you may find free parking in the residential area of Old Town. Driving through the neighborhoods, you will see many spaces labeled “Residential Parking”. While you should not park in the residential spaces without a proper permit, the parking spaces with nothing written on the cement of the space are free to park. Look out for signs that say “Loading Zone” or “15 minute parking” to avoid getting any tickets.


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