Greetings from the new owners!


Greetings to all Old Town Manor and Rose Lane Villas guests – past, present and future!

As the brand-new owners, we’re very happy to e-meet you. We’re sure you have questions about us and about what’s next at OTM & RLV, so hopefully this note will put your minds at ease until we can meet you in person.

WHO ARE WE?  Just a small family from the seaside resort town of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  We built and have operated the Boardwalk Plaza Hotel and Victoria’s Restaurant there since 1991.  We had an eye to expand, so why not work where we’ve loved to play?

WHAT’S GOING TO CHANGE?  Practically nothing!  We think Runi and Walter have done a beautiful job with the property and staff, so don’t worry.  We may put our own stamp on things cosmetically (eventually) but you can expect the great hospitality and Key West vibe to continue just as you’ve always enjoyed it.  (That said, if you’d LIKE to see any changes, we’d love to hear your suggestions.)

WHO WILL YOU SEE?   We know you love the team and we couldn’t agree more.  Almost all of the wonderful staff at the inn will remain the same – they’ve decided to keep us!  You will still be seeing Alison, Haytham and Athena out front along with new additions Katie (guest services) and Kelly (wedding/event venue manager.)  We hope you’ll get to see us, too, although we are not in Key West full time.  (Yet.)

LAST BUT NOT LEAST:  We’d like to shout out a huge THANK YOU to Runi, Walter, Alison and all of the staff for their confidence in us and for helping us through the ownership transition.  We hope to fill the over-sized shoes they have left, and we look forward to continuing what they’ve built well into the future.

Hope to see you all soon!

The Zerbys

Jeff & Jen


PICTURED:  Jeff and Jen Zerby, Jr. last weekend at Schooner Wharf

Not Pictured:  Jeff and Ruth Ann Zerby, Sr.