In Memory of Miss Kitty


Old Town Manor Key West


Our beloved cat mascot, Miss Kitty, passed away in August 2017. She lived a long and happy life at Old Town Manor and is remembered well by the owners and staff, past and present, and many hotel guests. She was estimated to be 20-something years old.

Miss Kitty was as much a part of the hotel property as the bricks and trees. As the ownership and staff changed over the decades, so did she change caretakers.

The people closest to her say she was an independent feline, who rarely stepped foot inside the home. Miss Kitty was wild, but she was sweet. She wasn’t one to beg for attention, but should a passing guest offer a head scratch, she never refused.

She defended herself, and her dinner, against local birds, stray cats, roosters, and other Key West wildlife. The morning staff could count on her meow-ing politely at 7:00 sharp, asking for her breakfast at the kitchen door.

We will remember Miss Kitty napping in the sun in the courtyard, eyeing the fish in the fountain, and meow-ing to say hello to passersby.