Key West Lobsterfest



Key West Lobsterfest

Photo by Beachfront Solutions via Flickr


Each year in August, Key West throws a summer party to celebrate the opening of Lobster Season.

Thousands descend on Duval Street for the street fair and lobster feasts available from the the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. And it’s for a good cause! Key West Lobsterfest donations are made to local students for college scholarships.

The Key West lobster differs from the famous Maine Lobster, though Maine Lobsters are available at some of the booths at the feast. The Caribbean “rock lobster” dons large antenna on its head, which lends to its local nickname, the “Bug”. This creature lacks the meaty claws that are found up north, but we assure you, Florida lobster is just as tasty. You can’t beat fresh.

Key West Lobsterfest

Photo by Cayobo via Flickr


Every year, the State of Florida holds a Lobster “Mini Season” on the last consecutive Wednesday/Thursday in July and many people travel to Key West to catch the Bugs themselves. The commercial Lobster season runs from early August to the end of March.

For four glorious days, the lobster reigns king in Key West, beginning with a Lobster Boil on Thursday. You’ll find this celebrated on the rooftop of the Waterfront Brewery at 201 William Street. For more info click here.

Friday’s activities include the infamous Duval Crawl, an invitation to drink your way from the Ocean to the Gulf. Click here for all the info.

Key West Lobsterfest

Photo by Steven Miller via Flickr

Save yourself for Saturday when Duval Street erupts with lobster fever, offering tasty lobster prepared every way imaginable.

Don’t miss the day long concert at Greene Street and Duval Street to dance off the effects of all the lobster you’ve been enjoying. Craft, souvenir and t- shirt booths are intermingled with the food booths along Duval Street. You’ll find great live music at the many bars en route. For more info click here.

On Sunday, if you haven’t had your lobster fix yet, wake up to the “Sumptuous Lobster Brunch” at First Flight, 302 Whitehead Street. For reservations, click here.

Catch your own fresh lobster on one of Key West’s many great charter boats. Old Town Manor concierge will help you reserve an awesome day on the water.

Key West Lobsterfest

Photo by Haydn Blackey via Flickr

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