Runi’s 2015 Vacation Plans


Motorcycles, Mission burritos, and Maldives – My vacation plans for 2015 are in place!

I am frequently asked by our guests where I like to go for vacation.  Considering that we live in a top vacation destination, visitors to Key West probably wonder why we feel the need to travel.  Truthfully, the question never gets old.  I love talking about my vacation plans just as much as I love hearing about theirs, especially if they ventured on the Key West Seaplane to the Dry Tortugas. Hands-down, it’s the best thing to do in Key West.

vacation plans - key west

Runi, Walter and family boarding seaplane

It’s true that it’s hard to beat Key West, especially the near perfect diving conditions that Walter and I enjoy all year.  We have considered a “diving in Key West stay-cation,” but like most people, we need a change in latitude.  We admittedly need to get off the island every so often.

Happily, our vacation plans for 2015 are in place.  Clear the streets of Washington D.C., San Francisco, India, and Maldives … we are headed your way!

In June, you’ll find us in Washington, D.C., specifically Georgetown, where my brother and his wife live. I love my brother, but he’s too stiff for this Key West local, so we’re renting a house a few blocks away.  Our vacation plans include attending the AFI Documentary Film Festival and taking a motorcycle trip to Harpers Ferry.  I wonder if we’ll run into John Kerry, who’s surprisingly a motorcycle enthusiast.  That would be cool.

vacation plans - key west

Runi and Walter at bike rental outside of D.C.

San Francisco is the place to be in September.  I lived in the Marina for a short time, but many of my friends and family have since migrated to the Bay Area.  With so many people to see, we have a full agenda of bicycle riding around the city, Sausalito, and Tiburon, and eating burritos in the Mission.  Yum.

I’m ending my 2015 vacation plans with the trip of a lifetime:  I am heading home to India for my uncle’s 75th birthday party.  After the party, we’ll visit my family spread out among the cities of Jaipur, Agra, New Delhi, and Mumbai.  We are definitely looking forward to the home cooked food, but not looking forward to the subsequent weight gain.  If your only experience with Indian food is “curry” then you haven’t eaten Indian food. It’s as varied and diverse as a Key West drag queens’ wardrobe.

Before heading back to the States, Walter and I are headed to the Maldives for, you guessed it, an awesome week of scuba diving.  The Indian Ocean is colder than Key West’s water temps, but a 7mm wetsuit will fix that.

vacation plans - key west

Runi and Walter diving the Great Barrier Reef

As with any vacation, it’s always nice to come home.  When your home is Key West, it’s even better. When your Key West home includes The Bobs, I wonder why we left in the first place.

vacation plans - the bob's in Key West

The Bobs snuggling under Runi’s home office desk


Make your 2015 Key West vacation plans today with our event calendar, or read more travel blogs.