Destination Old Town Survey Results


Destination Old Town Survey Says … Air Conditioners!

I want to become the best place to stay in Key West.  Period.  It’s all about our guests.  If we listen, they will come.  Right?  As a former engineer, I love numbers, so I believe the best way to understand guest satisfaction is to quantify it.  Our survey polled our recent guests to Destination Old Town (Old Town Manor, Old Town Manor Wedding and Rose Lane Villas) and here’s what you had to say and how we will put it into action:

  • 68% visit Key West at least once a year, and oftentimes, more!   Is it for the great Key West weather, the Key West local events, or the water sports?  Who cares, we have it all!  This number was a pleasant surprise.  It gave us the incentive to implement a Return Guest discount program.  Now our return guests won’t expend any additional brain cells researching places to stay in Key West. Save ‘em for the Duval Crawl.
  • Location is the #1 reason for choosing us.  We know how important it is for folks to stay in Old Town Key West, so I am glad that we are where we are.  If we were someplace else, then we wouldn’t be here.
  • Staff Friendliness ranked highest among our attributes.  The blue pills are clearly working for our staff, but maybe it’s because of our wonderfully nice guests. It’s easy for our staff to be nice to nice people.  We like you and we’re not faking it.
  • Interestingly, Breakfast Experience ranked lowest among our attributes, but 83% found Old Town Manor breakfast to be above average or better than other Key West accommodations.  What does it mean when there are contradictory survey results?  I have no idea.
  • 95% of respondents were “more than satisfied” with their experience with us and 98% would recommend us to their friends and family looking for a hotel in Key West.  We’d like to invite back the small minority of unhappy folks so we can change their minds.  If another visit doesn’t work, we’ll offer up the blue pills.

In terms of specific improvements, AC units were tops on your list so we’re making it a priority to upgrade the infrastructure.  Just like other historic inns and B&Bs in your favorite destination Key West, it will be a challenge, but sitting still just isn’t our thing.

The winner of the free night stay is Amy from St. Petersburg, FL!  Thank you, Amy, and everyone else who responded to the survey.

That’s all, folks!  If you have additional thoughts or want to send me a photo of your dog, email me at  I’d love to hear from you.

From Paradise,