Best Cuban Coffee in Key West


From Baby’s to Cuban Coffee Queen, the best places to get caffeinated are in the Lower Keys.

Vacations are a lot of work! From planning to travelling, you’re exhausted before you even arrive to your destination. Luckily, you’ve chosen Key West and Key West knows coffee.

Sipping down a hot Cuban Coffee will have you on your feet in no time, ready to have a blast in paradise. We’ve narrowed it down to the best places on the island to grab that steaming cup of joy.

Sandy’s Cafe

Location: 1026 White Street, on the border of Old Town and New Town.

Must try: Cafe Con Leche – iced or hot

Local’s note: This place does everything the traditional way. Cuban sandwiches loaded with pork, Pan Con Croqueta, and, of course, the classic Cafe Con Leche. There are constantly customers at the window for some of that classic Cuban fare. Make sure to stop at an ATM, it’s cash only!

5 Brother’s Grocery and Sandwich Shop

Location: 930 Southard Street, in a cute residential neighborhood

Must try: A Buchi (espresso blended with pure cane sugar) added to your Cafe con Leche

Local’s Note: Hang out with true “Conchs” at this location! Every morning, without fail, the working locals (and even the retired ones!) flock to 5 Brother’s for their morning brew. A long-time local favorite, they never fail to provide the freshest, strongest coffee and most delicious sandwiches.

5 Brothers

Baby’s Coffee

Location: 3180 US-1, about 20 minutes north of Key West

Must try: A bag of Baby’s Cuban Roast beans to go!

Local’s Note: ┬áThe perfect stop on your way in or out of the Keys. Located on US-1, Baby’s will be sure to give you the energy you need to keep on driving! With plenty of flavors to add and a large selection of organic treats, Baby’s is one of the best stops you can make. They even ship their beans nationally!

Cuban Coffee Queen

Location: 284 Margaret Street OR 5 Key Lime Square

Must try: The Sunrise Special: Half of a “Key Wester” sandwich and a 12 oz. Cafe con Leche

Local’s Note: With one location right by the Historic Seaport and one in the middle of Duval Street, you won’t have to be far from the action to try Cuban Coffee Queen. Great for a jump start in the morning or for an afternoon pick-me-up, they even have smoothies for those who don’t enjoy the strong stuff! Check out their sandwiches for a light lunch, too.

Cuban Coffee Queen

Ask any local and we’re sure one of these places will be on their list for Cuban Coffee. Just know, as you enjoy that hot hug in a mug, you are sharing in a long time Conch Republic tradition.

Ready to experience it for yourself? Click here to plan your next trip to Key West so you can start sampling!