Best Key Lime Pie


Two of the world’s greatest questions are finally answered:  Who has the best Key Lime Pie in Key West and how fast can I get there?

Key Lime Pie is quintessentially Key West.  So it’s no surprise that we are often asked who has the best of the best.  Located in the heart of Old Town, we’re surrounded by the greatest Key Lime Pie contenders in Key West. So we decided it was time for a Key Lime Pie taste-off.

Our marketing intern’s stay in Key West was too short, but she managed to complete the daunting task of tasting key lime pie from our neighborhood purveyors: The Key Lime Pie Company, Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe, Glazed Donuts, Blue Heaven, Salute, Sarabeth’s, and Last Chance Cafe.  It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.  Thanks, Anvita!

In Key West, you’ll find key lime flavored everything – martinis, bath products, french toast, and even cigars. The best interpretation of the classic dessert is the Key Lime Donut ($3.50), served at Glazed Donuts on Eaton Street, one half block from Old Town Manor. The meringue is dusted with crumbled graham crackers and the center is soft and chewy.  Yum yum yum.

Key Lime Pie - Glazed Donuts Key West


Two blocks away from Rose Lane Villas, you’ll find the Key Lime Pie Company on Greene Street.  You might know this one from CNBC’s The Profit or from The Food Network’s Throwdown with Chef Bobby Flay. They use fresh ingredients, real key lime juice, and a handmade graham cracker crust for their traditional key lime pie slice ($3.75) and their frozen key lime pie dipped in chocolate on a stick ($4.00). The frozen pie dipped in chocolate is more tart than the traditional slice, which balances the sweetness of the chocolate.

Key Lime Pie - Key Lime Pie Company Key West


Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe, also on Greene Street, is three blocks away from Rose Lane Villas. They offer a traditional pie as well as a frozen variation on a stick dipped in chocolate ($4.00 each) . Both are more tart than the Key Lime Pie Company’s pies. The Food Network’s Keith Famie Adventures awarded their traditional pie “Best Tasting” with its fluffy whipped cream topping.

Key Lime Pie - Kermit's Key Lime Pie Key West


Blue Heaven restaurant on Thomas Street is a leisurely six blocks away.  It can be a challenge to secure a reservation at this popular spot, so we recommend heading to Salute! on the Beach, their less-crowded sister restaurant that serves the same exact pie.  The Travel Channel says their key lime pies ($9) are “towering slices of key lime pie perfection.”  What sets this pie apart from the rest is the meringue.  It’s easily 6 inches high!  Their pie is sweeter than most and the texture is similar to cheesecake. The buttery crust melts in your mouth.

Key Lime Pie - Blue Heaven Key West


The “hidden gem” key lime pie in Key West is made at Sarabeth’s restaurant on Simonton Street, a mere two blocks from Old Town Manor. Their Key Lime Cream Pies ($9) are made individually, served with fresh cream and garnished with mint.  The taste is more tart and the filling is lighter and fluffier than others Anvita sampled.

Key Lime Pie - Sarabeth's Key West


Last on the list, and conveniently located in the departure terminal of the Key West airport, is the key lime pie at the Last Chance Cafe. Just as the name suggests, it’s your last chance to devour this tropical treat. But it pales in comparison to the others we tasted so we suggest skipping this tempting option and plan another visit back to Key West to experience the true flavor of key lime pie.

And so, we reach a verdict and can officially proclaim the winner: Sarabeth’s Key Lime Cream Pie tops our list for its light, fluffy filling and tart key lime flavor. For a quick fix with a lower price tag, Key Lime Pie Company’s traditional slice will do the trick.  Who are we kidding?  They’re all good, so just do a Key Lime Pie “crawl” and try them all!

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