Should you bring your dog to Key West?


Dog in Car


With all the pet-friendliness Key West has to offer, vacationing with your dog can be wonderful.

He’ll soak in the salty ocean air while you drive down the Florida Keys, dine at the finest seafood restaurants, run on the beach, swim in the ocean, and relax peacefully in your quiet hotel room. He’ll behave beautifully and be warmly accepted in parks, restaurants, bars and at the best attractions.  

Or not. At our pet friendly hotels in Key West, we see pets that, frankly, should have stayed home. Despite the great time their family is having, some pets are anxious, scared, and have a hard time relaxing in the unfamiliar setting of their hotel room.

Should you bring your pet to Key West, or leave him to relax at home? We’ve got your answer.

Does your pet have anxiety with new people and in new places?

If you answered yes, avoid leaving your pet alone in the hotel room too soon. Unfamiliar scents and sounds may send your pet into a whining and barking tantrum. This is disruptive to other hotel guests, and most importantly, shows your pet is in distress. Try leaving the room for short periods of time, to show your pet you’ll always come back.

Create a familiar setting in your hotel room by bringing along something from home: a toy, blanket, or even a dog bed. And don’t forget the essentials: a big water bowl and comfortable space for afternoon naps.

Can you trust your pet alone in a hotel room?

If you answered no, bringing your pet on vacation may create stress for both parties. Ask the hotel staff for a room with an exterior entrance door, or close to an exit. This could be the difference between “just-in-time” and damage to your hotel room! Consider bringing along potty training pads for puppies.

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Can your pet walk long distances?

In downtown Key West where parking is a challenge, the preferred means of transportation is by foot. If you answered no, we recommend planning how you and your dog will get around town.

Some small dogs enjoy riding in the basket of a rented bicycle or tricycle, while larger dogs may be comfortable riding along in a rented electric car.

Is your dog friendly with other pets?

If you answered no, bringing your dog along to the best pet friendly restaurants and other attractions may be a challenge. You’re sure to find other pups on vacation along the way.

Does your hotel charge pet fees and have pet restrictions?

Many hotels and resorts in Key West charge daily for your dog, don’t allow pets over a certain weight, and sometimes don’t allow certain breeds.

If you’re staying at Old Town Manor and Rose Lane Villas, breathe easy. We have no restrictions on types, shapes or sizes of dogs, and our one-time pet fee is just $50, and $25 for each additional pet.

Does your hotel require your pet to be crated?

Some pet friendly hotels in Key West require your dog to be crated while you’re not in the room with him. At Old Town Manor & Rose Lane Villas, we recognize some dogs are more comfortable and peaceful lying on their dog-bed on the floor, so we don’t force our four-legged guests to be crated… unless they want to be.

Are you flying or driving to Key West?

If you’re flying, read our blog on air travel with a dog. Airlines have varying, strict regulations for non-service animals.

If you’re driving, create a comfortable co-pilot seat for your dog, and be sure to make time for walks and bathroom breaks on your way down the Keys.


Are you convinced? Old Town Manor and Rose Lane Villas are proud to be ranked as some of the best pet friendly hotels in Key West. Click here to start planning your getaway to paradise!